The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Welcome to Ceremony, v2.0.

After 3+ years in business I decided it was time for a refresh. Something that spoke to how I'm feeling as a designer, and as a person in general. Simple, Clean, Cohesive.  

I recently finished reading a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up after a few close friends did the same. They seemed energized and motivated and looked as though a weight had been lifted off their shoulders, and I longed to feel the same. I've always been a very organized person, I hate clutter and disorder and am always thinking about how I can be more efficient at productivity, and at life in general. I've felt a little distracted in terms of my professional direction lately, and finishing this book, and subsequently eliminating everything from my life that didn't "spark joy" as the book suggests, led me not only this website redesign, but also to a more focused outlook on the direction and future of Ceremony. It's been that weight lift that I need (to go along with the 70 pounds of actual weight that I shed this past year) that has me incredibly excited about what the future holds for Ceremony.

Now I'm on the hunt for new book recommendations to match the positive vibes I've just learned, and for new clients that spark the joy I'm so focused on rekindling.