Project Update | Works in Progress

Managed to hit some showrooms last week for some new condo amenities I'm working on. Always so nice to get out of the office and see some of my favourite sales reps.

Matte and Textured Ceramic Wall Tiles

Considering these guys (in matte and textured) for the typical elevator lobbies. 

Glazed Ceramics in Warm and Cool Neutrals

Glazed Ceramics in Warm and Cool Neutrals

My favourite glazed ceramics (of all time?) for good measure.  Someone give me a condo where these can allocate these as the standard backsplash and not only will I promote them beyond belief, I would probably actually buy a unit, just so I could stare lovingly at them, all day long.

Matte Grey, Black, and White Penny Round Ceramic Tiles

Not normal a huge fan of penny rounds, but in a modern setting these could be stellar.

Fabrics in all the colours of the rainbow

Rainbow of Silks

I also popped into one of my favourite Rug showrooms and had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  I'll take one of each please. Also, my love for the colour pink intensified about 10x's after seeing these.  

Stay tuned to see what i actually assemble with these finishes.