TBT | Travel Bugging

Montenegro - Bay of Kotor

There is no greater reset button than getting on a plane and visiting a new country. I've had the travel bug running through me pretty hard these last few months, in need of a reset, but also out of sheer social media jealousy where it seemed like everyone was on vacation for the entire month of October.  

When I was working for a firm it was like vacations couldn't come quickly enough - and believe me it seemed like I was always planning one. Not that I didn't love what I was doing, but there was something so incredibly exciting about visiting a new country and knowing I'd have the memories of it to last forever. I remember vividly returning to an office after a vacation then tossing my hair over my shoulder 2 weeks later running out of the office as I told my boss i'd be jetting to LA for the weekend. I was that girl. 

While I'm not planning anything concrete at the moment, I've got a mile long list of places I want to visit - Nashville, Cardiff, Lisbon, Berlin - those are tops right now. I have a great deal of making up to do given I never travelled as a child, and didn't even see the ocean until i was 20.    

Sidmouth, England February 2000

TBT | Andy Warhol Exhibit

TBT | Andy Warhol Exhibit

throwback to August 28. 2015

I've always had a soft spot for Andy Warhol. When I was 18 on a high school trip to the AGO, I snuck out of the obligatory Henry Moore sculpture gallery visit to see the Andy Warhol exhibit instead. As a teenager in suburban Ontario I was so desperate for a shot of culture I literally didn't care if my teach caught me because if I had to learn about Henry Moore or the Group of Seven (no disrespect) for one more hour, I was going to lose my mind.