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Ceremony is growing and looking for team members to assist with design and coordination related tasks. Positions are Part-Time with the opportunity to grow into Full-Time.

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TBT | Travel Bugging

Montenegro - Bay of Kotor

There is no greater reset button than getting on a plane and visiting a new country. I've had the travel bug running through me pretty hard these last few months, in need of a reset, but also out of sheer social media jealousy where it seemed like everyone was on vacation for the entire month of October.  

When I was working for a firm it was like vacations couldn't come quickly enough - and believe me it seemed like I was always planning one. Not that I didn't love what I was doing, but there was something so incredibly exciting about visiting a new country and knowing I'd have the memories of it to last forever. I remember vividly returning to an office after a vacation then tossing my hair over my shoulder 2 weeks later running out of the office as I told my boss i'd be jetting to LA for the weekend. I was that girl. 

While I'm not planning anything concrete at the moment, I've got a mile long list of places I want to visit - Nashville, Cardiff, Lisbon, Berlin - those are tops right now. I have a great deal of making up to do given I never travelled as a child, and didn't even see the ocean until i was 20.    

Sidmouth, England February 2000

Get This Look | English Roll Arm Sofa

Get This Look | English Roll Arm Sofa

This post is all about the English Roll Arm sofa, which is basically everywhere these days and I'm feeling it. After years of specifying contemporary Italian sofas (Minotti, Palazetti, Flexform, etc) I found myself migrating towards a more modern yet comfortable feel - more of a comfortable luxury. Think Christian Liagre and Holly Hunt.

TBT | Andy Warhol Exhibit

TBT | Andy Warhol Exhibit

throwback to August 28. 2015

I've always had a soft spot for Andy Warhol. When I was 18 on a high school trip to the AGO, I snuck out of the obligatory Henry Moore sculpture gallery visit to see the Andy Warhol exhibit instead. As a teenager in suburban Ontario I was so desperate for a shot of culture I literally didn't care if my teach caught me because if I had to learn about Henry Moore or the Group of Seven (no disrespect) for one more hour, I was going to lose my mind.

Trend Talk | Moulding

Trend Talk | Moulding

I recently finished the concept development for a space that had an excessive amount of moulding.  We're talking amounts of Titanic proportions.  While it was unbelievably mind-consuming to figure out the geometry, the virgo in me was actually absolutely in love with the whole process.  There's nothing like (well to me at least) the satisfaction you get when your layouts equal out evenly and create proportions in a space that might otherwise feel blank or stale without.

I've actually been considering adding moulding to our walls at home, because well, why not?

Project Update | The Avery

Project Update | The Avery

I received these progress photos last week from the amazing Architect at The Avery. Working remotely means I don't have the opportunity to visit the site as normally as I would during construction, so these progress photos are incredibly exciting to see since my last visit in May.