Owner / Principal Designer

Samantha Coulombe, BID

With more than 15 years of experience working with some of Toronto's most noted Interior Design firms, Samantha has long considered herself an Interior Designer. At a very early age she'd critique the new home features in the weekend newspapers and get lost in the wallpaper store while her parents shopped. Add in a father who would illustrate his joinery techniques to her in his impressive cabinetmaking shop, and it's easy to see how Samantha has been immersed in Interior Design since she was a little girl.  

Educated at Ryerson University in Toronto,  Samantha continues to expand her love of Interior Design both at home and in her travels. She brings a universal approach to new build developments and to the booming Condominium Industry that has thoroughly defined her Toronto home and the suburbs in which she grew up. 

When not immersed in her clients work, she can be found enjoying a coffee in any one of Toronto's cafes; planning her next vacation or weekend jaunt; jogging along the city’s waterfront; or perfecting homemade pizza.